Fundamental Blackjack Playing Strategy Charts

Play Blackjack using strict rules to Win

This basic outline is what most blackjack strategy is based upon. To make the 7%-8% odds in the Casino’s favour into a 1% advantage for the player, you need to use the blackjack fundamental strategy properly..
A number of years in constant research and computer reproduction led to the aptness of the fundamental strategy charts. Some of these charts have some minor distinctions in accordance with the kind of blackjack game you are going to be playing.

How to Use the Fundamental 21 Strategy

To be able to use the blackjack fundamental strategy chart to its maximum advantage, you must learn how to read it correctly. In your column of charts the left part is your hand and the top horizontal is the hand of the dealer. You just need to line up the dealers hand to your column so you will identify how to play it best and accurately. The following abbreviations are found in the fundamental strategy charts:

H - Hit
S - Stand
D - Double if permitted, hit if not
SP - Split

View Blackjack printable Basic Strategy Card

Memorize the Blackjack Basic Strategy

It is imperative that you can memorize off by heart the fundamental strategy charts to be able to make the correct decision in a flash while you are playing. Some new players initially have trouble remembering charts and basic strategy. To help fresh players remember the strategy and when to make each play it is best if they can try to find a pattern they can easily relate to in the chart.
Get yourself a blackjack strategy card if you are a fresh player and can’t memorize the strategy chart. It looks like a laminated credit card, the same shape and size and has the basic strategy charts on it. Even in the casinos, you can use the card while playing.