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To play the game:
Click on chips to increase your bet. Every click on a chip increases your bet. Every right click on a chip on the table removes it from your bet.
Click the Deal button.
If the dealer has an ace as his up card, you are offered insurance. If you want to take Insurance, click on the Insurance button.
Use the Hit, Stand, Double, Split and buttons as required.
Please note that using Insurance, Double and Split require an additional wager, as described in the rules. You are not able to use these buttons, if you do not have sufficient balance.
If you want to play another round, press New Game. Then place a bet as described above and click the Deal button, or click Rebet to place the same bet as in the previous round.

You can also play Blackjack in Multihand mode. Select Multihand in the casino lobby, when entering Blackjack. You can play with up to three hands simultaneously. To place a bet, select a chip by clicking on it, then select bet area and click on it. Every click on the bet area increases your bet. To play with two hands, place bets in two bet areas, to play with three hands, place bets in three bet areas. Of course, you can play with a single hand only, by placing a bet in one bet area only.

Multiplayer and Private Group Modes:
In Multiplayer and Private Group Modes you can play at the same table with other people. To join a Private Group, you need to know the name of the group.

Buttons used in our Casino to play Blackjack

View our Casino Blackjack Controls goto Blackjack Control Buttons page

Keep in mind that:
After a period of inactivity the player will see a 15 second countdown. If there is still no action from the player during the countdown, the player automatically makes a stand or skip turn.
If a player loses Internet connection during gameplay, the player is removed from the table and other players continue playing uninterrupted. Lobby: Press this to exit the game and go back to the lobby. You can't exit in the middle of a game round.
Note on large wins: Winning amounts of $10,000 or more are considered to be large wins. Games involving large wins are verified by a live operator.
Note on disconnections: If you are disconnected from the Internet in the middle of a game while playing for Real Money, re-establish your Internet connection and log back into the casino. You will be automatically directed to the game that was interrupted so you can continue playing.