Blackjack Casino Table Game Tips and Tricks

A dealer has the Blackjack table odds marginally tipped in their favour in all Blackjack games, for example the fact that when both of you get busted, only you will lose. Although there are as many so called experts at Blackjack that actually don't win over the long term, genuine winners are still great in numbers when it comes to 21 tables. To be able to enjoy longer hours at the table and the chance of ending up in front, check out our basic tips and tricks that are very useful and practical in winning at Blackjack.
Tipping your Blackjack Dealer in the Casino

Choose your Blackjack Table by Minimum Bet and Casino Table Rules

With your chip stack, look for a Blackjack table with a minimum betting limit of less than 5% of your total playing chips stack. Also bear in mind the different rules that various tables or Casinos might have for their Blackjack games. Some of the more advantageous rules to look for at your Blackjack table are that you can double down on any two cards or that the dealer can stand on a soft 17.Either get the alternative of doubling down on any two cards or that the dealer must stand on a soft 17. Other subtle rule changes from Casino to Casino can make a difference to your overall players winning odds percentage which you may prefer to look out for also.

Stick to using Blackjack Basic Strategy Playing Methods

Begin by playing strict fundamental basic Blackjack strategy rules and adhere religiously to these rules. If you have trouble remembering your Blackjack basic strategy take a copy of a Blackjack Strategy Chart to refer to until you learn the rules off by heart. Play strictly using basic strategy because you will never win unless above 17 and when the dealer is ruined, make sure you can hit as soon as the dealer flashes the ace, K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8 because these are cards that have more chance of making the dealer bust. Bet on any hand that is higher than 11 as soon as the dealer flashes 4, 5, 6 since this will give the dealer more than a 40% chance of having too many and busting.
Fundamental Strategy Blackjack Tips