Blackjack Playing Strategy and Tipping Casino Dealers

When to Double down in Blackjack Fundamental Strategy

If you think that you can beat the dealers hand by doubling down, it is usually recommended to do so. This doubles your bet and you get to receive an additional card. This option must not be ignored because this is your principal benefit when playing Blackjack fundamental strategy. There are rules that permit doubling down with a 9 or with the soft hands. A soft hand is when you have an Ace counting as 11 and by the player taking an additional card they cannot bust.

Which cards to Split on the Casino Blackjack Table

You can split your hand if you get two cards of the same value. To split your cards you are required to double your bet and you are now playing two independant Blackjack hands. Generally if the dealerís card is of equal or lower value you should split your cards, but there are some exceptions to this rule. Remember not to split 10ís 4's or 5ís but always split 8ís ans split 7ís if the dealer has 7 or less. Against 4, 5 and 6, you can split 2ís & 3ís and also the aces. You should also always split aces. By studying the Blackjack Strategy Chart you can learn exactly what to do when faced with any combination of your cards and the dealers up card.

Tipping Casino Dealers and Riding your Coat Tails

Casino dealers are not particularly well paid by Casino's and if tipping is allowed in your Casino the dealers wage may be depending on your generosity as a player. Always remember to give the Blackjack dealer a tip if your are winning on their table (and if it is acceptable in that particlular Casino, of course). But if you are winning and wish to tip the dealer, a small tip every hour or so during play is sufficient. It is important not to over-tip as your luck could change at any moment and the dealer could end up taking home more of your winnings than you. A popular way to tip the dealer is to place a bet for them. Position your bet for the dealer near your own chips in the betting sphere so if you win, the dealers chip will also win and they will have earnt double the tip. Another way is to notify the dealer that their tip is riding on your coat tails. This is accomplished by placing the dealers tip bet on top of your own chips, and if it wins they take the winnings from the tip bet as a tip. But rather than also taking the original tip bet stake this carries over to the next hand, again if you win they take the winnings from the tip bet and so on until you lose a hand. This way as long as you are winning the dealer will get a tip each hand while they are riding your coat tails.
Blackjack Playing Tips and Choosing your Casino Table