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24 year old Michael Gracz is new to tournament poker having played his first tournament in 2004, but he is on a roll. After placing in the money at several major tournaments, including the Taj Classic and the LA Poker Classic, he won the 2005 Party Poker Million IV picking up a $1.5 million prize. In doing so he also helped the World Poker Tour celebrate a milestone. Gracz's $1.5 million prize put the WPT over the $100 million mark in total prize money awarded. The World Poker Tour has changed the world of poker as its tournaments and television shows continue to grow in popularity. Over $70 million in prize money was awarded just this last season and the World Poker Tour Championship is expected to have over $10 million in prize money. The WPT Championship takes place April 18-24 at the Bellagio in Las Vegas.

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